Sewer Camera Inspection

Watch the camera snake make its way through the dark and murky depths of the sewer system – a detailed look beneath the surface.

Are you tired of dealing with frequent, costly sewer problems? A one-time investment in sewer camera inspection can reveal the underlying secrets of your clogged pipes. The camera navigates through drains, laterals, and sewers to identify problems without digging. At AAA Total Plumbing Solutions, we recognize how much of a hassle it can be to deal with sewage leaks, which is why we strive for efficiency and accuracy in all our plumbing services. 

Moreover, we use advanced, non-invasive technology to detect the source of the leak without any destruction. Our team of highly-trained specialists is dedicated to finding the cause and origin of the leak swiftly and accurately with the help of modern camera technology. Let’s uncover the truth behind lush green patches in your yard, stinky odor, and block drainages before it’s too late.

What Do We Do? 

Do you have any issues with your sewer backups or drainage? AAA Total Plumbing Solutions can help you visually inspect your sewer lines using waterproof video cameras. Our experienced professionals will insert the camera into the pipe to search for any potential problems and identify any broken, punctured, blocked, or misaligned pipes. 

After identifying the cracks, we then make the necessary repairs. If there is a stoppage, we can pinpoint the exact location and make removing it easier. Furthermore, we can also take mineral build-up readings to determine the most suitable solution to fix the situation and avoid it from happening again. Other issues we consider are corrosion, rust, and the infiltration of tree roots around the pipe. 

If you experience slow drains or sewer odors, it’s time to call AAA Total Plumbing Solutions to perform a real-time evaluation at your residence or business!

Why Choose Us? 

For decades, AAA Total Plumbing Solutions has been a go-to source for plumbing solutions in AAA Total Plumbing Solutions. We understand the specific needs of our area. Plus, we are committed to providing efficient and reliable service so our customers can return to their daily lives with minimal disruption. Rather than a single answer that applies to everyone, we will analyze the challenge and develop solutions tailored to your exact requirements and financial situation. This way, you will receive effective results and be assured that everything is done to the best of your ability.

Whenever you hire us, you can be sure that a highly qualified plumber will stand at your door. We only hire individuals who demonstrate an unwavering commitment to customer service and demonstrate excellence in their work. Our work meets all applicable codes and is designed to ensure peace of mind for years. If you are dissatisfied with our services, we will do our best to rectify the situation.

Contact Us Today

At AAA Total Plumbing Solutions, we have the most up-to-date tools to unclog your sewer lines. Based in Los Angeles, we do everything it takes to figure out the main problem, from a minor drain inspection to inspect your sewer lines or septic tank. We can detect any issue early on, recommend solutions to avoid further destruction, and determine the precise pipe location to repair without laborious excavation. Do you have a plumbing concern or want to schedule an inspection? Call AAA Total Plumbing Solutions at (888) 557-1255 or book an appointment online.