Tankless Water Heaters

Our compact and super-efficient tank-less water heaters offer significant savings in small spaces!

Need the space or an extra tank to plug in your water heating system? Well, no need for that when you can get the same heating efficiency and water supply with a compact water heater. 

Tank-less water heaters are small and mounted on walls in the bathroom or gallery. They don’t need a separate tank; you can get heating as per demand. It minimizes the chances of leaks and corrosion with heated water in tanks and pipes. 

Also, no energy waste as the water heater operates. No gas or electric power wastes continuously to keep the water heated all day. So, with these impressively performing water heaters from AAA Total Plumbing Solutions, you will get the best of comfort, aesthetics, and cost-saving on energy bills.

AAA Total Plumbing solution is your answer to all water heating system problems; whether it’s the water heater or the pipes issue, we can fix it all. We have all types of water heaters and their tanks or components in our inventory for new installations, replacements, and repair purposes.

What do we do?

We offer the most compact and high-performing tan-less water heaters that are remarkable in terms of fast heating and energy saving. Not only that, but with our innovative technology, you can quickly notice minor performance changes and call us to fix any leaks or problems.

Services that you can avail of at AAAA total Plumbing solutions are as follows:

  • Sensor and light replacements of the water heater.
  • Water heater connection and installation
  • Repairing electric circuits and wires
  • Replacement of temperature and pressure valves
  • Fixing water and gas leaks
  • Coating of rusted heater body or repair
  • Pipe installation and repairs

Why choose us?

AAA total plumbing solution is proud to present energy-efficient and environmentally friendly water heating systems and products. Our procedures are safe, and we try to leave as minor damage as possible to the planet.

The need of today’s homes has changed, and with compact housing and packed design, installing an oversized water heater with yank would be a big hassle for owners. We aim to provide them with the same heating efficiency in small size and energy consumption. Some of the features that make our water heating services beat others In Los Angeles include:

  • 24/7 prompt customer care and emergency repairs service
  • Trained and experienced technician
  • Advanced technology and tools for efficient and fast repairs
  • Free inspections and estimates
  • Affordable for all charges
  • Top-quality products and precise installations
  • Eco-friendly practices

Contact us today!

Go green with our energy-efficient tank-less water heaters ensuring minimal water and power wastage!

Initially, it might seem a bit pricey, but you will be okay with this investment. So call us to install tankless water heaters or get them repaired so you get an uninterrupted hot water supply anytime, any day.

You can discuss your details with our experts on call or book a visit to get the repairs done on the spot. So call now at (888)557-1255 and upgrade your heating system and home aesthetic with compact and stylish water heaters.