Electric Water Heater Repair and installation

Skip the hassle of Turing on the water heater whenever you can opt for a sensor-operated electric heater!

Are you looking for a compact and automated water heater that you don’t have to turn on manually by a match or confusing knobs that confuse you always? An electric water heater is easy to operate, convenient, and saves space. 

Moreover, with the rising crisis of gas shortages, it is hard to get constant pressure to heat your water all day. With electric water heaters, you can be stress-free from pressure drops and temperature variations. Not only that, this is a greener and eco-friendly solution, so you leave minimal carbon footprints for your comfort.

At AAA Total Plumbing Solution, we have a wide range of electric water heaters and their components; also, our technicians can provide you with a customized heating system as per your need.

What do we do?

A minor circuit issue or broken wire can damage your whole heating system and threaten your safety. You might ignore the slight delay in water heating or don’t notice the water leaks and sparking noise but it can cause considerable damage later.

Our expert technicians will figure out the hidden problems that silently damage your system and fix them instantly. At AAA Total plumbing solutions, we offer comprehensive water heating system installation and repair services to the residents of Los Angles.

From removing the broken pipes and corroded interiors of water heaters to installing minor electronic components, we provide top-notch service quality and products in each job. Our services that you can avail of in Los Angles include:

  • Electric heater installation and repairs
  • Replacement of electronic components 
  • Tightening of connections and bolts 
  • Leak fixing in pipes
  • Pipe replacements
  • Temperature and pressure valve repairs and replacements
  • Water tanks and boiler repairs and replacements
  • Maintenance checks and health inspections of water heaters

Why choose us?

Growing as the leading plumbing service provider in Los Angles in the past years, we at AAA total plumbing have maintained a reputation of premium quality service and products at affordable costs. The safety and comfort of our customers are most before us, and we don’t compromise a little on that.

From providing the best spare parts and water heating systems from top brands to installing them precisely in your homes, our technicians pay attention to even the minutest details. Qualities that make us the best plumbing solutions company in the city are as follows:

  • We have a team of thoroughly trained technicians that are tested and certified
  • All equipment and tools are up to the global standards
  • Use of the latest technology
  • Top quality products
  • Licensed from the regulating bodies
  • 24/7 customer care to hear you out
  • Complete background checks of all team workers
  • Free of cost estimates and inspections
  • Budget-friendly charges

Contact us today!

Stop delaying your water heater repairs or replacement due to the enormous costs, and get the best deals at AAA Total Plumbing Solutions. We will give you the best solutions for your electric water heater issues and. install the best-performing and affordable electric water heaters that will last years.

You can discuss your requirements with your experts to get a quote or book a free inspection on our UAN (888)557-1255.