Gas Water Heater Repairs and Installation

Gas leaks or thermostat issues, get all fixed within hours so you can enjoy hot showers without delay!

Isn’t it frustrating when you shower with only cold water flowing in the morning? Take your time with hot water as you might get late for the office.

This happens when you ignore your water heater’s functioning and health. There might be gas leaks, issues or blockages in the pipes, or loose connections. Although you need help to figure those out, call a professional who can immediately fix the problem!

AAA Total Plumbing Solutions is your lifeline for all water heating issues, whether leaks on the pipe or the thermostat breaks. Our prompt service team will reach your location within hours to do repairs or replacements as required.

What do we do?

Catering to all plumbing needs of the residents of Los Angles, AAA Total Plumbing Solutions is your one-stop platform for all the water heating repairs and installations in your home or office. We do everything from installing water drainage and sanitation systems in new constructions to fixing gas leaks in the heating system.

Whether your gas heater boiler leaks or the thermocouple strip wears out; our technicians will fix them without an issue. We provide and design complete water heating systems, their components or spare parts, up gradation, and removal services. 

Some of the services that you can hire us for in the Los Angeles area include:

  • Water heating system installation and removal
  • Up gradation of tanks and boilers
  • Repairs of pilot light and thermostat
  • Pressure valve replacements
  • Repairing water and gas pipe leaks
  • Replacement of gaskets
  • Inspection and tightening of bolts and connections

Why choose us?

Being in the plumbing industry for years, we understand the local needs and issues in the heating systems and how to tackle them. Our team of highly-trained water heater experts can fix any heating system without a flinch. 

Quality and loyalty is the core values that can keep our customers connected with us for years; to achieve that, we leave no room for error. Our service quality varies slightly from minor leak repairs to mega commercial water heating system installation.

Some of the qualities that have enabled us to gain a place in our client’s hearts are as follows:

  • Trained and professional team
  • Licensed service following all safety standards
  • Premium quality products and procedures
  • Latest tools and technology for fast service
  • 24/7 emergency repairs teams
  • Free inspections and after-work cleanups
  • Transparent quotes with no hidden charges or taxes.

Contact us today!

Stop damaging your walls and pipes with a malfunctioning gas water heater. Rusty water is risky for your property and your health, so get them fixed now. Call our expert gas water heater technicians to pinpoint any gas leaks or water seeping into the walls and save hundreds of bucks on your energy bills.

You can book a free inspection to discuss your requirements and get estimates for your repairs from our team. So call now at (888)557-1255 and enjoy a continuous hot water supply without any risks.